Monday, May 31, 2010

Historical use of Atomic bombs to cap Oil and Gas Leaks

Perhaps we should throw in the towel and let BP use a nuke to seal the leak.  

This amazing archival footage shows Russia's triumphant use of a Nuke  to seal up a hopeless leak 'back in the day' complete with happy music. Plan N?

Now that BP is apparently allowed to ruin the Gulf of Mexico, and thus far, with consequences seem similar to the fines levied in our Banks for money laundering drug profits,  maybe it is time to start selling nukes to corporations.

However, the Machine calls upon the CEO of BP to rise up and declare the entire shareholder equity of BP to be voluntarily handed over to a governing board of stakeholders, made up of those affected by their reckless error.   It is high time for BP to do the right thing before Hell Freezes over or Obama gives them the Bomb.

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