Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1099's on steroids coming soon - God I love Paperwork!

yet another example of what appears to be a dedication by our combined Government(s) to wipe out small independent businesses and freelancers.

The "perfect storm' of collapsed sales revenue and prices, over compliance, mixed with the complexity of tax/fine, insurance and regulatory details, sums up to eliminate the incentive to start or even maintain the small business you may have.

Hmmm...[Obama] claimed (SB) was the backbone of new job growth.  What's up?

Anyone studying this of course knows that this was merely an array of PR hack-festivals - stuff the sounds good to the employed and to keep us in line.  

What distills however is simple:

"Change we can believe in, is a Mirage"

We need Thomas Jefferson to come back.

for more - visit the Machine.

PS What did Greece agreed to to satisfy the IMF on their bailout?  read the details if you have not!  Coming to a City, State near you.

CNN Article on the hidden Tax changes

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