Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Delegate is on Fire

vintage shot of Joe Nahoom, from florida at the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in 1976

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SWAT Team Kills Mayor's Dogs In Botched Raid

As a victim myself of a police assault that was covered up with their perjury, I remain injured even ten years after the incident - this type of injury does not heal well, ever, it is a violation of trust similar to being raped by a friend, maybe worse, as sadly when you are hurt by those in power, and they use their power to destroy and harm, it seems that [the authorities] NEVER EVER have the courage to admit they make mistakes. This is yet another egregious case, but regretfully repeated so often all over the world - My heart goes out to this Mayor and his family - for there are no victims support group for you - none whatsoever. Only those who have suffered this horror understand the horror of this as it is truly incomprehensible to non-victims.How long will this continue you ask? I guess until peace comes - so I figure this will not be in my lifetime, or yours, or for countless generations to come.

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