Thursday, August 7, 2008

SWAT Team Kills Mayor's Dogs In Botched Raid

As a victim myself of a police assault that was covered up with their perjury, I remain injured even ten years after the incident - this type of injury does not heal well, ever, it is a violation of trust similar to being raped by a friend, maybe worse, as sadly when you are hurt by those in power, and they use their power to destroy and harm, it seems that [the authorities] NEVER EVER have the courage to admit they make mistakes. This is yet another egregious case, but regretfully repeated so often all over the world - My heart goes out to this Mayor and his family - for there are no victims support group for you - none whatsoever. Only those who have suffered this horror understand the horror of this as it is truly incomprehensible to non-victims.How long will this continue you ask? I guess until peace comes - so I figure this will not be in my lifetime, or yours, or for countless generations to come.

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