Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Work the Machines do for us...

Kenneth Boulding  postulated in 1968 that unless an evolved system of 'value exchange" that compensated people displaced by the work machines increasing do FOR humans, that the system will eventually collapse.  As only the owners of the machines are in effect paid for the work the machines displace, and the "surplus population" is relegated to a purgatory envisioned by one Ebenezer Scrooge, suffice to say, "Houston we have a problem."  

Capitalism, as defined by the our two-party monopoly, spineless congress et al, is far divergent from the founding Fathers vision, and is no longer working. We know socialism is not an option. So who will be the economic-social-political visionary that steps up with a solution for this conundrum.

What is NEXT?

Given the span from Iacoca to Moore to Ron Paul to Ralph Nader to Palinesque Tea parties and now coffee parties, mixed with the salt of Sunni-Shia Muslim extremism - who the heck knows -but it will be interesting.

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