Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Health Care USA Version 2.0

With trepidation and grave concerns arisen, I quote the following by Noam Chomsky, 4-08-2010...
His essay is well worth the read, although like nearly all essayists today or pundits, identifying problems is one thing, providing actionable solutions is another. It does not help that we appear to now be a completely controlled population of 'sheep', living in fear of what the corporations are going to do next as Ralph Nadar often points out.  - the Machine

"A year ago, the business world recognized that the insurance companies and big Pharma, in sharp defiance of the public will, had succeeded in destroying the possibility of serious health reform - a very serious matter, not only for the people who suffer from the dysfunctional health system, but even on narrow economic grounds. About half of the deficit that we are instructed to deplore is attributable to unprecedented military expenditures, rising under Obama, and most of the rest to the increasing costs of the virtually unregulated privatized health care system, unique in the industrial world, also unique in its gifts to drug companies - opposed by a mere 85 percent of the population. Last August, Business Week had a cover story celebrating the victory of the health insurance industries. Of course, no victory is enough, so they persisted in the struggle, gaining more, also against the will of the large majority of the public, another interesting story I'll have to put aside."

-Noam Chomsky, from Truth Out, essay on Fascism

Noam Chomsky, who has taught linguistics at MIT since 1955, has revolutionized the scientific study of language. A prolific author and activist, Chomsky has weighed in on all major political issues of the last five decades. His most recent book, "Hopes and Prospects", a survey of the dangers and prospects of our early twenty-first century, is available on Amazon.com and elsewhere.

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